Monday, July 30, 2012

these are a few of my most thankful things

I feel like any time anyone has asked me how I am lately, my response has been: “Busy.” I’ve been busy spinning my wheels in the limbo between concept papers and full plans. I’ve been busy keeping my MCC boss sane by zipping around Beira with her and ensuring she gets out of bed in the morning. I’ve been power-walking around Maputo to get all of my errands run and bills paid before the end of the work day (or 3:30; whatever comes first). I’ve been tying back my hair and tying on my capulana as I combat the ever-growing mounds of dust coating my apartment.

I’m not saying that my schedule is necessarily any busier than those of my family and friends at home, but seriously, it’s a little crazy sometimes. And in this craziness, I have a tendency to shut down and caffeine up. Some of you reading may have noticed this as you wonder why it takes me four weeks to reply to an email. I tend to emotionally collapse at the end of the day and reluctantly get up at the beginning of the day, wondering what new developmental snafus the day has in store.

As my schedule fills up and my energy drains, I find it harder than ever to find time for life-giving things like coffee with friends or quiet time alone. So I’ve coerced myself to look for the good, hopeful, and beautiful in small things, when the development things become big and scary. So here are some of the things that I have been thankful for recently:

·         hand knit socks from my dear Aunt Sal to keep my toes warm in the winter
·         the tenacity of my houseplants and how they bloom while I’m traveling
·         Internet fast enough to keep up with my addition to Pintrest
·         incredibly kind friends in Beira
·         hugs from my favorite Mozambican when I’m having a bad day
·         absolute safety amidst the rising crime rates in Maputo
·         the jokes and giggles of Mozambican teammates
·         the support of generous North American donors (even though I gripe about proposal writing and reporting)
·         hot chocolate
·         they lyrical stylings of Drake and Nicki Manaj who have initiated explanations of “The Flinstones,” "Shake n’ Bake,” and asbestos to my cross-cultural relationship
·         for the work, energy, and heart of MCC (specifically for the over-worked financial people who ensure that I can withdraw money from an ATM and for the generosity of the material resource crew who will bless us in September with more than we could ever imagine…or have room for…)
·         the joy of technology to help me talk with my best friend an ocean away
·         the huge Mozambican coast and its lovely beaches
·         childhood memories
·         the satisfaction of a home-cooked meal made from scratch

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