Tuesday, August 26, 2008

new beginnings

I don't really like blogs. It seems so new-fangled and high-tech for me. I would much rather stick my heels into my past of long-distance letter writing and hour long landline phone conversations. But I know that communication is passing me by and if I don't hurry and jump on the speeding bandwagon, I'll miss it altogether. So please, gentle reader (the two of you that there are), be patient with my slow updates and even slower content.

But I do like changes.....if they mean a change for the better. And seeing as I'll be half a world away from my friends and loved ones for a bit, this blogging change might be a good idea after all. See, I'm studying in Ghana from Sept. 2-Dec. 18, 2008. This means that while west Michigan houses most of my family and friends, I will be finding a temporary home in West Africa with few ways of sharing my new expiriences with those who hold my past. So here is my chance to show anyone who cares to read/look what I'm learning.

Schoolwise I'll be learning about African politics, the culture of Ghana and West Africa, African drumming and dance, and the Twi language (pronounced "ch-wee"). [Editor's Note: yes, they do speak English in Ghana, but Twi is one of four or five other languages spoken which come from the the prodominant tribes.] I'll also be conducting an independent study on how the Ghanaian church is involved in politics (especially in regards to child and maternal AIDS and malaria). But lifewise I hope to learn more about culture in general, more of my need for flexibility, more of what beauty is defined as, and more ways that I can laugh at myself in a foreign country.

I'm off in a week, so hang on, 'cause this might be a bumpy ride...


Sarah said...

Good job setting up your very first post in this new "Blogger world". I will look forward to reading your blog on a daily basis (no pressure), and hopefully it will feel like you aren't so far away from me. Thanks for allowing me to go along on this wild ride with you!

Jane Buthker said...

Hi Katie,
I am excited to hear about your experiences.